Her Majesty the Queen aka one time bond girl, sass queen, and a total bamf


Jemma Simmons is so clueless, it causes me physical pain sometimes. 

But, she’s branched out a bit is what happened. To her, “each other” now means “the team.” 

To Fitz, “each other” will always and forever be the two of them, FitzSimmons. 

He realized he was in love with her after FZZT. 

He thinks she’s falling in love with another man. 

Brace yourselves, darlings, I think our lad is about to do something stupid.

It’s times like these you stick with the guy you believe in. 

Graham pranks Emma Stone about meeting the Spice Girls. (x)

"We get to see Mindy as single and realizing her feelings for Danny." [x]